Age Is A State Of Mind

I really do think age is a state of mind. Our souls don’t age…unless we get jaded that is. I mean the essence of you is the same! As I am growing-up (wink wink) it feels funny to say “46” because I remember thinking that was old and my daughter will tell you it is, haha. In fact, she said the funniest thing to me several months back. She said, “Mom, how come you look so young when you are so old?”, it was the best back-handed compliment ever!

I really think we need to re-evaluate the stigma around aging in this country. I love seeing women my age and older rocking their sexiness! I love how European women tend to stay sexy as they grow up. Italians, French, Spanish and even Russian women all seem to know how to keep their sexy on but we, as Americans, seem to think a woman of a certain age (which sadly seems to be past 40 on average) is no longer sexy…I BEG TO DIFFER! Sexy is in your mind. Your state of being. Your heart. Living out loud. Living in your body. This author, SARK, inspired me with the book “Succulent Wild Womanover 20 years ago and I intend to be just that for as long as I am on this planet!

When it comes to aging and death, as soon as we are born we are taught not to do things because it will “kill you”. Everything is about anti-aging. The truth is that we are all going to die sometime and that we are all growing-up, or “getting wiser” as I like to say. 🙂

Anti-aging is anti-life. Just like mother Teresa said, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” Make peace with the fact that our bodies will shift and change as we grow so let’s not fight against it. Let’s embrace it and ourselves and wrap our arms around our bodies with so much love and acceptance. I truly believe that we are responsible for so much of what happens in our lives because of the thoughts we think and the frequency we vibrate at. When we can come at this and ourselves with love and acceptance, everything shifts. Sure it’s a shift in perspective and as Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” We can talk about how our youth is being restored or how we are still so vibrant and youthful.

I plan to be that woman that people are always like “No way, she can’t be 75! Wow, she is so cute and stylish and full of energy.” I plan to be walking in sneakers hand-in-hand with my beau traveling the country, all the while fooling everyone about my age and pushing the boundaries of what it means to grow-up.

That being said, we still want to keep them guessing our age!

How to stay young is DO WHAT YOU LOVE:

  • Dance, my favorite
  • Hiking
  • Travel, explore and stay curious
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Passion, feel it
  • Purpose
  • Joy
  • Learn something new
  • Challenge yourself
  • Stay interested and curious
  • Eat well, food is medicine

Be You. Be Beauty. Be Love. Be Well.


1. Care about the way you look every single day and how you are presenting yourself to the world.
Own your sexy like the Euros do, regardless of your age! Both in wardrobe style & makeup together, be picture ready! Confidence is the best-kept beauty secret. Being confident is sexy at any age. I also suggest hiring the help of savvy pro’s like this one:

2. Eat well!  Get off crack, aka sugar! Sugar is horrible for your skin.
I only really drink my sugar via wine or the occasional whiskey or tequila, which is enough!  Sugar is one of the biggest agers for the skin. It breaks down collagen (read loose skin) not to mention this is also the thing I see the body trying to purge the most via breakouts which wear on your skin’s immunity and beauty.

3. Sweat it out by doing something that you love.
Dance is my favorite form of exercise as it’s also like a moving meditation for me, bringing me into my body, into the moment, letting the source run through me. Check out this article about dance being the best workout:

4. Drink more water than you think you should.
Being dehydrated (which most people chronically are) can make you look much older. If that isn’t motivation enough, I don’t know what is, haha. When traveling you need to go way beyond what you think you need to do. Check out this doc’s amazing research and advice on the symptoms your body may be revealing and how to get the water you need to stay hydrated. Salt & water are the essences of life! “You’re not sick; you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication.”, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj from

5. Spend time on your skin and body with professional treatments.
To reverse and prevent aging along with really good homeware on the daily, make sure you are visiting a professional to learn about the best procedures specific to you, your skin and body. Below are some of my favorite treatments I offer at Lisa Eddy Skincare that show results sans harm to you or the environment:

  • Infra Slim: When I can, I will get in this treatment if I’m run down, not motivated to workout, or even need a little rest and purge. I’d be happy to share this treatment with you –
  • Micro-Current: This is a work out for your face! I know everyone is talking about yoga for your face these days. This is the advanced, non-invasive, holistic version for your face that takes it to a whole new level! Getting a treatment with a seasoned, savvy esthetician is the best. You can maintain at home and use home devices when you can’t get in for services.  There are some good ones out there! Come see me for a Micro-Current –
  • LED Light Therapy: I leave my LED light in my nightstand and recommend my clients do the same, it’s such a good bang for your buck, too! It is a fantastic tool to have around the house when you feel you need to do more with your skin, to prevent and correct and heal. All of your products will work better, too! It’s all about the penetration. I offer LED Light Therapy in addition to selling  LED products on my site. You can purchase them by clicking this link –
  • Facial Infusion Peel: This is the bomb! Especially once a month!  This is a non-peel peel. Safe & healthy while repairing collagen and is visibly noticeable. This definitely assists with aging gracefully, as all my products and services do, but it in a healthy and holistic way –

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