Bridal Checklist

How to prepare for the Big Day, Tips from Lisa Eddy

There are so many things you can do to look “naturally beautiful” for your Big Day and it can be a lot of work! I have created a timeline of the things brides need to start prepping on, to be the most gorgeous, best version of themselves for their Big Day.

While this is an amazing timeline for brides, this could also be used for anyone looking for a personal makeover and self-improvement before any big event, like a birthday or travel plans!

Let’s start at the top!

Get your hair in the best possible shape. Just like your skin and body, your hair looks best when it is really moisturized! Take extra care to condition your hair pre-wedding. I highly recommend an at home treatment mask 1-2 times a week. I have an amazing one on hand in my boutique. Ask me about it or call (415) 603-0042. You cant’ prepare too soon but at least 6 weeks in advance.

Regarding styling your hair, I would recommend getting your date booked and trial as soon as you set your date because the good ones do book up fast.  Make sure you feel like you and that the style will hold but is also comfortable to wear for the whole day!

There are so many different options here.

Note that all hair removal modalities can cause breakouts! If you are prone to breaking out, check out my Post Hair Removal Breakout Prevention Protocol:

Step 1. It’s a game changer when using these two clearing tools for 3 consecutive days post hair removal:

Purifying Mask by Michelle Corley:
Use this mask 1x per day on the treated area (clean skin) for 10 minutes, rinse and follow with Prodigal Pen and the rest of your regimen whether it is AM or PM. 

Sam Par Prodigal Pen:
Glide this pen over the area 4-5x per day during this time.

Please note, if you are having laser treatment with dry skin, you will need to address that first with a calming /hydrating mask and products so as not to irritate. Try one of my masks!

Soothing Relief Mask:

You can also, get in touch and let me help you!

If going this route, I recommend starting laser hair removal treatments 6 months in advance. Lasers are fantastic for many areas, and where I see it really shine is for people who have course thick hair on the face, like the chin and lip. Those areas can be really prone to breakouts when the hair is growing back and when removed regularly. So this longer lasting method (no longer considered permanent as so many things cause hair growth) of removing hair can be a game changer!  I recommend starting at least six months in advance while following the protocol spelled out for you by the clinic while simultaneously using a healthy, corrective skincare line.

With waxing, sugaring and threading, these are all safe, easy temporary ways of removing hair that are typically done on a maintenance program every 4 weeks. I wouldn’t start anything new close to the wedding. That said, I would start with the temporary hair removal processes at least 3 months in advance. Get someone with a good reputation who is seasoned in their craft so they don’t hurt you but can also help prevent possible issues and make your hair removal process as smooth (pun intended) and easy as possible.

This is a relatively safe, effective temporary hair removal modality.  If you are sensitive to shaving or want to remove facial hair, this is a great option. I highly recommend hard wax as it is much more gentle…thank the strip wax!

This is a more gentle form of hair removal for the extremely sensitive peeps!  It is also economically-friendly as it creates less waste! It’s just water, lemon & sugar: simple.

This old-school, Middle Eastern hair removal modality made its way into the mainstream over the past years. Threading can be great when it is done well but can be really painful, especially with a rookie!

Where everyone will be looking!

Facial and Skin Regimens:
I love to start seeing brides a year prior, although I have seen some as close as one week to the wedding! It really depends on how good you want to look for your Big Day and how far we are from your goals. Starting facials and an everyday skin regimen is beneficial 6-12 months before the main event.

Remember, the good makeup artist book fast!  I would suggest booking your makeup artist a year prior, 6 months at the latest.

Make sure to do a test run and wear it out for the day. Get photographed in it to be sure you love the way you look.

You will typically need more makeup than you think, but you also want to be sure that you feel like YOU and not an unrecognizable made-up version of you!

Puffy, dry or dark circles can really stand out and make you feel or look tired and older than you are.  You will need to get the right at-home products to use morning and night regularly as well as have little powerhouse masks and products to use the night before and the morning of the wedding.

Lash Growth Products: I am super careful here! I  have one that I love as it’s one of the more gentle, safer, yet effective products out there. Assuming you are using something of the sort, I would say to let yourself get acclimated and give it enough time for good growth.

I like to start 2-3 months in advance. This gives us time to account for any errors. If someone is using one lash product and stops and starts a new one, you may have lash-loss and you want to make sure there is time for regrowth! If you haven’t been using one, you should be fine! Just make sure you stay on it as indicated so they are blinging for the big day.

Lash Extensions:
If these are your jam or you’re considering them, I would try them out, sit with them and get photographed in them so you can be sure you like the look. Some lash extensions can look super full while others are more natural looking. Just be sure you like the look and are happy with them! I would say 4-6 weeks in advance, trying them out. Though, when you are in good hands, you can get the lashes done just 24-48 hours in advance assuming you don’t have any allergies to the glue!


If you are prone to dry lips, I would get in the habit of conditioning them with a healthy lip balm morning and night a few weeks to months prior. You want those lips smooth and plump for the engagement photos as well, if you are going that route!

Plumping Lips: 

Just to be clear, I cannot endorse any artificial plumping or injections.  Not only because they scare the S_*T out of me, but also because they often look scary! I have an amazing lip plump I can stand behind that does no harm and works within 30 days!

If it’s just for the wedding, I would say at least 6 weeks prior. You can also do the same thing to prep for engagement photos in the same timeline.

Feel good in that dress!


While I don’t think much of Dr. Perricones’ skincare (no offense Doc!) I am very much in alignment with his pre-wedding diet recommendations! Especially the part about adding in extra Omegas or good fats, eating tons of leafy greens and berries the week prior while laying off the wine, sugar and carbs. This will do wonders for your eyes, complexion and any tummy bloating you may be prone to.

Read more about this diet:

Detoxing/Weight Loss:

This varies depending on how far you have to go to get from a-z. In general, I think 6-12 months is a good gauge. If you feel like you are not in the best shape or have 20+ pounds to lose, then allow more time. If you’re in pretty good shape and just want to tighten up and look/feel your best then 6 months may be just fine for you.

Consult a pro in this timeline. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE pilates for reshaping, elongating and toning the body in a sexy, feminine way.

Natural Spray Tanning: 

Test it out! I sell a package of 3 Natural Spray Tans to brides so they can get one for their Bachelorette Party, the second for their Bridal Shower and third for the Big Day. You can always do one when you don’t have anything going on just to be sure you are in good hands.

Make sure to find a pro who is reputable and has good reviews so you don’t end up orange, too dark or spotty. These days, there are good, safe formulas and colors like the products used at Lisa Eddy Skincare.

If you are getting married on a Saturday, it is ideal to get the tan on a Thursday. I use a long-lasting, clean formula which lasts up to 7-10 days depending on how you’ve conditioned your skin prior. This means coming in really hydrated and exfoliated…and also keeping it hydrated post-tan. The more you are in and out of the water or sweating the less time the tan will last. This is fine as long as it wears off evenly as ours does.

If you are getting a tan, please have your mani/pedi done prior! Last, but not least, as the saying goes, “If you can’t tone it, tan it!”. LOL! Everything from cellulite, fat, veins, scars, they all look better tan.


Are you looking for faster results than the gym can provide? Visit someone like me, who has a safe and super amazing body sculpting machine. I don’t mean Velashape or Coolsculpting. I mean something that will not cause harm, like the one I use which uses current, this is energy to heal and stimulate muscle toning. Just like workouts, if you have further to go, you will need to get in sooner.

Need to lift and tone? Again, Pilates is my favorite for this! I do it at home in my living room after years of training for Pilates Mat Level 1-2. I know I have good form and how to hold my body so it’s safe. Though, I do recommend taking classes to get to that point! If this isn’t enough or you need to quickly kick up your game, I would highly recommend safe body sculpting, using current with a pro like me. 🙂


If you are one of those prone to uber dry feet, get cracking (pun intended) on giving your feet some extra love! I recommend lubing up at night and putting socks on to lock in that moisture. This will make your feet look better, smoother and softer. Your sweetie will appreciate your smooth feet at night in bed, too.

Now that we’ve covered this timeline head-to-toe, I would love to hear from you! Call me for more information and details on the services I provide. You can also check out my new Bridal Services page. I look forward to helping you get ready for your Big Day!

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