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Ormus Myst 50 ml


High-spin, monatomic elements from the platinum group, collectively called Ormus, are concentrated from a pristine high altitude mountain spring. Ormus is classified as a ‘superconductor’ which accelerates cell communication for more rapid skin repair and rejuvenation. A distinctive blend of regenerating essential oils enhance the effects of Ormus. A full spectrum of gemstone energies are infused into the myst with magnetic resonance. Misting skin before applying other topical products may help to enhance their benefits.

Product Description

Elevating aromatherapy for Face and body. As your awareness embraces the high vibrational essence of light and life in the living water of the mist… And your senses awaken to the pure inspiration of the aromatherapy… Your body, mind and spirit will lift to a new sensation of well-being.

Our signature face and body mist is made from pristine living mountain spring water concentrated with Ormus and carries a frequency of white – where all colors blend as one and become pure light.

The creation of Ormus Myst begins with harvesting living water at 9,600 ft, from an obscure, forested mountainside spring at its source. After carrying large jugs of water down the mountain, crossing streams and climbing over rocks and fallen trees we use advanced techniques to concentrate the Ormus in the water and enhance the life force energy and vibratory patterns.The subtle frequencies of gemstones containing a full spectrum of color vibrations are imprinted in the water (much like homeopathy). An infusion of pure essential oils of rose, frankincense, jasmine sambac and lotus add a blissful and elevating aroma to complete the mist.

The Ormus Myst is bottled in dark violet glass to preserve its integrity. Small crystals from an ancient deposit dated to be 1.6 billion years old are placed in each bottle to enhance and hold the life-force energy of the water.


  • To uplift and calm senses or energize the skin
  • Shake well before misting face, body or air. Use after bathing or anytime.


*High altitude source spring water; *White rose oil; *Frankincense oil; *Jasmin sambac oi; *Lotus Oil; Quartz crystal

*Organic or Wildcrafted

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