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Photo-Enzyme Serum 60 ml


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For natural UV protection and for repair after sun exposure, this antioxidant enzyme based, hydrating serum includes selected nutrients clinically proven to protect skin cells including cellular DNA from UV damage. The UV protective nutrients include Phytoplankton extract providing Photolyase Enzyme, Buddleja herb extract, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) antioxidant enzyme, Rosemary distillate, Green tea extract, Sunflower seed extract and a range of other antioxidant and skin repair herbs. These same nutrients also support repair from UV damage after sun exposure.


Antioxidant; Enzymatic; Regenerating; Soothing; Calming; Hydrating; Antimicrobial Benefits

– Skin is naturally protected against damage to cellular DNA and cancers
– Support for repair of UV damaged DNA and other tissues.
– Skin is naturally protected from sunburn with an SPF equivalent ranging from 10-15.
– Skin is soothed & hydrated.
– Damaged skin heals more rapidly Results Skin is hydrated, calmed and soothed.

Apply to exposed skin before and after sun. Reapply if swimming or perspiring.

Alternative Applications:
For maximum natural sun protection, apply the Photo-Enzyme Serum and allow it to penetrate the skin for about 5 minutes. Then apply ISUN’s Antioxidant Sun Butter. With this combination, UV rays are maximally blocked from penetrating the skin.

Before and after sun exposure
Photo-Enzyme Serum also has been proven to repair sun damage to cellular DNA when re-applied after sun exposure. After re-applying the serum, skin must be exposed to light (sunlight or other bright light) for at least 5-10 minutes. This reactivates the photolyase enzyme giving it a strong message to repair damage, in particular, to repair damaged DNA.

The ISUN sun protection products are formulated specifically to protect from aging effects and cancers in skin due to UV exposure. ISUN’s after sun products are designed to rapidly repair any skin damage that may result from overexposure to sun, including damage to cellular DNA that can lead to skin cancers and premature aging in skin. The sun protection products incorporate two unique ingredients scientifically proven to both protect cellular DNA from harmful UV rays and to repair damaged DNA that may result from UV rays after sun exposure. These ingredients are photolyase enzyme from marine phytoplankton and buddleja herb wild-crafted from the Swiss Alps.

The ISUN Sun Care System includes two sun protection products. For maximum protection, use both of these. First apply the Photo-Enzyme Serum. Wait 2-3 minutes for the serum to absorb, then apply the Antioxidant Sun Butter with transparent zinc oxide sunblock protection. As an option, either the Photo-Enzyme Serum, a rapidly absorbed oil-free product may be used alone on face and body, or the Antioxidant Sun Butter, may be used alone on face or body, without the Photo-Enzyme Serum as an under-layer of cellular protection. The two products used as a two-part system are designed to provide superior protection to skin cells and cellular DNA thereby preventing a common cause of skin cancers, and to provide a more topical sunblock protection against the burning UVB rays with transparent zinc oxide and a comprehensive blend of antioxidants.

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