Spring Clean: You!

Spring is my favorite time of year. It always feels good to move out of those cold days and into warmer, longer days. Although the dark days are essential and designed to bring us inside to start a hibernation, if you will, so we can recharge. It is an essential part of our growth and evolution so we can shed old skin and ways and re-emerge revealing new improved versions of ourselves.

With spring comes a time of revealing the new you just like mother earth is revealing new flowers, trees, and fruits. The world is buzzing with excitement and sunshine! Everyone is reaching for short sleeves, dresses, and shorts. It means exposing more of our bodies…uh-oh…are they ready for this jelly? How can we transition from winter to spring inside and out? Do you need to shed your skin, your makeup and old clothes to reveal the truly new you?

It is time to get our physical bodies and realities up to the present moment of who we are now so we can put that out in the world. It’s time to spring clean! We know this about our homes and closets but what about you?  What about removing all the stuff that no longer suits you? Shedding the old weight, fat, makeup, skin, clothing! Get ready to shine with me.

I am highlighting all my favorite ways to get my body ready for the world and I would love to help you, too!

Here is what I like to do to get my body ready for the world post-spring: 

1. Sculpting & Detox!  Moving out the old and shaping up the new.  I love feeling sexy and confident and bathing suit ready all year long whether I am bundled up or in a bathing suit on the beach. In addition to dancing and doing pilates and some hiking here and there, I am a huge proponent of finding ways to move out the waste and stress and keep our bodies in shape. I love using the infra slim body detox to help move out the fat and waste and the Osmosis Body Sculpt to detox fat and shape the body. This is the perfect duo. I am also a fan of taking a break from alcohol this time of year to assist my body in this process and allowing it to process and move out the gunk without the extra taxing effort it takes to process alcohol which is basically sugar.

2. Natural Botanical Spray Tan!  I love being tan without the bad side effects. I only use the cleanest, safest tan so I don’t feel bad about it. I have got to say, there is something about rocking a tan that makes me feel prettier, sexier and overall better! It covers all the yucky stuff like fat, cellulite, veins. To prepare for my spray tan, I love to use my body exfoliant (usually every day for a week or two so the skin is soft and takes in moisture well) and then I moisturize in the morning and night leading up to the spray tan.  This assures a beautiful, even glow and longer lasting results .

3. Facials! This is a no-brainer. Our faces are the first thing people see.  Often winter takes a toll on us, getting us dry and irritated.  I love to do a series as seasons change to kick my skin into gear and I’m glowing in no time.  I just did a Revita Pen facial with the Facial Infusion peel to kick off my series to putting my best face forward.

4. A Personal Wardrobe Stylist! I consider this priceless. I love having someone who knows my body, what I like and what looks good on me. I especially love getting help as seasons change and I am refining my new look, when I need help getting ready for big events, trips or even just having outfits ready in a rush to look polished and cool for everyday life.

These are all the secret weapons I use to look and feel confident, sexy and beautiful all year-round but as seasons change and warmer weather approaches, I find these extra tips really make a difference! Feeling sexy and stylish with glowing skin is a major confidence booster and confidence looks beautiful! Confidence is definitely the best kept beauty beauty secret.

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